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Larissa's Crawford's contributions at the Student Energy Summit in Dubai, UAE,

31 November 2023.

Access different versions of Larissa's contributions:

"I am not interested in building [a bridge] to a rotting foundation that is destabilized by an understanding of who has a right to existence and who does not, contingent on their facilitating or hindering role in the profit of natural resource extraction and control. 

I am not interested in building a bridge to that foundation."

"My ancestors survived genocide. My ancestors survived, and they survived because of a hope, because of a dream, because they could see the impossible. They worked every day to achieve that dream, and to make that dream a reality - where I can sit here today.

And so this idea of dreaming, this idea of seeing a reality where there has been a just energy transition that is radical, that is revolutionary, that is valid.


This is the way I honour my ancestors and everything they survived, and that's the way I'm honouring the people whoa re going through those kind of atrocities today."

See the position I and Future Ancestors Services take on being anti-genocide in our most recent statement. Feel free to circulate and adapt for your own uses, provided the requested citation.

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