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Internationalized Services

I'm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but I've internationalized my work since 16 years old. See the Expertise page for areas and sectors of expertise.

Internationalizing your line up can be effective, relevant, and exciting.

A great speaker, especially keynote speaker, can: provide broader engagement, motivational content for attenddes, credibility to the event, inspiration insights, a desired tone for the event, and practical tools for audience members (The Event Planner Expo 2024). These benefits are amplified when you dip into an internationalized speaker pool.

Whether your event is explicitly international or not, I can bring a relevant perspective with a global lens for local application. Teachings I've gathered from living and working abroad (outside of Canada) for over half my life have developed my skill in identifying synergies and opportunities for innovation across national, cultural, and societal borders. 

When I travel internationally for work I always make an effort to 1) do land- and community-based activities, and 2) to spend time with attendees in advance of my keynote or presentation. These practices support me in ensuring that when I internationalize my work, that it is effective, relevant, and exciting.

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Sector Expertise

Considerations when booking my services outside of what is currently Canada:

I offer event social media coverage as well.

Sometimes I'm hired to attend global summits and conferences for the purpose of highlighting speakers, topics, cultural activities, the place, Elders, youth work, etc.


I attend the events and take videos and pictures, which I provide to the client and/or post to my social media pages. I focus on making the event accessible to people who can't physically be there, and to make the content and outcomes comprehensive to a general audience.


Oftentimes I work with different proponents in the local tourism industry to promote ethical and sustainable travel in the area.

This service can be included onto a speaking contract at a negotiated price that works within your budget, or with in-kind compensation.

Put some time aside for our co-design approach to preparing my content.

International contracts require a co-design approach to ensure that the content created is as relevant and effective as possible for your context and purpose. I begin by identifying the needs, objectives, demands, and sensitivities of our clients, which catalyzes a work plan and regular check-ins for review and approval of content. The process is adaptive to your capacities and interest in the development phase of content.

See Our Commitment to Co-Designing and Our Commitment to Language Localization for more information.

Budget for travel, accommodations, and per diems.

When travelling for a contract, the following costs are associated beyond the agreed upon speaking fee:

  • travel (airfare, vehicle rental, ubers/taxis),

  • accommodations, and

  • per diems ($25 breakfast, $35 lunch, $45 dinner).

I may need to travel with a medical support person.

I have chronic disabilities that affect my reproductive organs and a severe brain injury, and require the following accessibility accommodations when travelling for work:

  • the most immediate flight route from destination to destination (this isn't as applicable here, see below);

  • a seat closer to the front of the cabin / plane;

  • no travel on the day of any conference event; and sometimes,

  • a medical support person.

When my health is compromised, I typically request the attendance of a medical support person to help me with travel, errands, and tasks during the fulfillment of service delivery. ​The additional costs associated with bringing a medical support person are restricted to travel, per diems, and event entrance. This is not always necessary, and will be negotiated based on the client budget and my state of health.

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International Speaking Videos

International Speaking Videos
Student Energy Summit 2023
Play Video

Student Energy Summit 2023

#WFAMERICAS - Power of us: Uniting voices for a better world
Play Video

#WFAMERICAS - Power of us: Uniting voices for a better world

A Decade of the Commonwealth Charter: Young Leaders’ Dialogue highlights
Play Video

A Decade of the Commonwealth Charter: Young Leaders’ Dialogue highlights

Youth Climate Lab: How Are You(th) Showing Up For Climate Action? SXSW 2022 Panel
Play Video

Youth Climate Lab: How Are You(th) Showing Up For Climate Action? SXSW 2022 Panel

Here are some examples of my international speaking services in action:

This page isn't very print-friendly, is it? Below you can access convenient PDFs of my clients and speaking services through the Talent Bureau.

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