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My Areas of Expertise

This page has my areas of expertise and the sectors I have experience applying it in. I centre a co-design approach when creating deliverables for a client.  

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Areas of Expertise


Race-based data collection

Anti-racism policy and audit

Anti-racist program development


Decolonizing our relationship to time
Decolonizing sustainability

Decolonizing research

Restoratrive Practice

Conflict resolution and mediation

Complaint policy and procedure

Restorative practices and justice


Starting an organization

Lived experience as qualification

Grant and CV writing


Gender and sexuality equity

Disability equity

Equality vs Equity

Strategic Planning

Story-based strategy planning

Relational success criteria

Radical imagination

Climate Justice

Relationship to Earth

Climate action to climate justice

Climate policy and audit 


Indigenizing workplace culture

Indigenous advising councils

Indigenous engagement

Disability Justice

Accessible engagement

Accessibility policy and procedure

Ableism and racism

Youth Engagement

Youth advising councils

Youth engagement

Youth programming


Public policy and audit

Organizational policy and audits

Activism to policy

Ribbon Skirt Making

Arts as a valuable use of time

Art as medicine

Creativity and culture

These are the areas of expertise I speak on:

Preparing for an upcoming day or month? Here are my areas of expertise associated with special Canadian dates. Examples of presentation titles have been included and can be tailored to you, your country, and your sector.
Sector Expertise

These are sectors I have experience applying my expertise in:

Post-Secondary Education

Student orientations

Student-group events

Faculty and staff events


Medical school events

Organizational health events

Practitioner development events


Conference presentations

Staff development events

Community engagements

Communications and Media

Media hosting and interviews

PR firm presentations

Social media takeovers

International Development

Classroom presentations

Conference presentations

Staff development events

Urban Planning

Classroom presentations

Conference presentations

Staff development events

K-12 Education

Student conferences

Teacher professional development

Classroom presentations

Natural Resources

Conference presentations

Staff development events

Community engagements

Outdoor Industry and Sports

Wilderness conservation events

Outdoor sports events

Brand ambassadorship

Arts and Culture

Arts program presentations

Conference presentations

Board development

Law and Justice

Firm presentations

Senior leadership development

Staff development


Board development

Selection committee development

Applicant support initiatives


Here are some examples of my presentation titles and descriptions:

Honouring Self, Community, and Earth Through the Reimagination of ‘Sustainability'

What is your relationship to time and productivity? What about your relationship to Earth? Maybe you’ve thought about these relationships, but it’s likely you haven’t been encouraged to consciously or regularly reflect on these relationships. When we critically reflect on what these relationships mean to us and why, we can be confronted with the insidious influence of the living legacies of capitalism and colonialism. And yes, this has everything to do with 'sustainability.'

In our session we'll explore how our understandings of sustainability is and can be informed by how we relate to Self, Community, and Earth. Our shared space will be shaped by the following reflection questions:

  • What do Self, Community, and Earth mean to me?

  • How have our approaches to sustainability been shaped by capitalism and colonialism?

  • What can I do to reimagine sustainability to better honour myself, my community, and Earth?

Please contact me directly at if you require adapted learning materials (i.e. larger text, plain text, etc.).

Three Skills to Advance Reconciliation and Solidarity

 'Three Skills to Advance Reconciliation and Solidarity' will explore how we can build our capacity (today!) to ethically and sustainably contribute to reconciliation and solidarity within and between communities. Tangible tools and practices will be shared with the purpose of empowering the participants to reflect and articulate the value and wisdom they carry, regardless of age, status, or education.


Larissa Crawford, York U alumni 2022 'One to Watch' awardee and Founder of Future Ancestors Services, will be delivering this presentation in dedication of her two beloved mentors and accelerators of anti-racist change at York University, Dr. Lorne Foster and Ruth Green. In an effort to humanize and exemplify the three skills explored, Larissa will weave storytelling from her +14 years of experience in anti-racism and Indigenous research, policy, and community engagement.

Reconciling Through Reimagining Strategic Planning 

What does a successful relationship with Indigenous communities look like for your organization? Who is included in defining your criteria of success? How are your pathways forward aligned with ‘reconciliation’? In the spirit of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (September 31st), Reconciling Through Reimagining Strategic Planning will explore these questions in the context of strategic planning.

After an effort to establish shared language around decolonization, Indigenization, and reconciliation, we’ll dive into an action-oriented dialogue of what these concepts look like in practice, and how that can drive a relationship-first approach to organizational development.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, originally and still colloquially known as Orange Shirt Day, is a Canadian holiday to recognize the legacy of the Canadian Indian residential school system. For more on further 2023 learning opportunities and resources, visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.

Exploring Safety and Belonging for [Organization]

Just as important as our work output is how we work; the relationships we hold with ourselves, each other, and valuable knowledge all shape what we create and contribute to. In this presentation, we're going to be focusing on safety and belonging in how you work.

First, we'll take some time to explore what successful safety and belonging looks like at [Organization], and we'll use the language of 'cultural competency' to do so. After establishing a shared language you will have the opportunity to build your capacity in understanding your own worldview and how it shapes your relationships. We'll finally examine three tangible practices and mechanisms that can contribute to safer, culturally competent spaces and relationships.

We facilitate our digital shared spaces using dynamic practices informed by psychology research on 'Zoom fatigue' to honour the mental and physical strains of long-term video conferencing, diverse learning styles, and accessibility needs.

Our spaces are also always caregiver friendly; please do not feel the need to apologize for any responsibilities that arise before or during our session.

If you have any accessibility needs or, advocacy and intervention expectations for me as a facilitator, please email directly at with "[Title]" in the subject line

Your 'Truth' Isn't the Only 'Truth': (De)Colonizing Worldviews in the Workplace

Hierarchies of whose knowledge is considered "unbiased and legitimate", and whose knowledge is considered "too spiritual and political" are informed by the living legacies of colonialism and extractivism. Consequently, groups of people become systemically regarded as the inferior "other" are harmed in often violent ways, and innovation, effective work outputs, and truly inclusive workplaces are stifled. This keynote explores how we may cause harm, and how we may address that harm through an awareness of our worldviews and relationships to time and qualification. Participants have the opportunity to leave with an improved capacity to "Think Different" and to critically self-reflect in pursuit of more just and sustainable futures. 

In advance of this keynote, participants can read Environmental Scientists and Policymakers Have a Responsibility to Reconciliation, Too, an article written on this subject by Larissa Crawford and published in The Canadian Science Policy Magazine, Issue 01, 2019.

Conscious Future Ancestors: Reconciling Our Relationships to Self, Community, and Earth Across Space and Time

What does it mean to be a future ancestor, and how can we apply this understanding in our lives today? In the session, "Conscious Future Ancestors: Reconciling Our Relationships to Self, Community, and Earth Across Space and Time" Larissa Crawford will hold space to explore how, when we seek to understand how the actions and inactions of our ancestors shaped the realities we've inherited today, we're better positioned to understand how our own actions and inactions are shaping our realities and those of future generations.

Weaving incredibly intimate personal storytelling, historical research, and tangible tools, Larissa provides you the opportunity to act and think in ways that are consciously aligned with the future ancestor you seek to be. 


Select Speaking Videos

Select Speaking Videos
GLOBE VIPs (Very Impactful People): Larissa Crawford
Play Video

GLOBE VIPs (Very Impactful People): Larissa Crawford

Larissa Crawford Opening GLOBE 2020 Forum
Play Video

Larissa Crawford Opening GLOBE 2020 Forum

Day 1 - Youth Keynote Presentation
Play Video

Day 1 - Youth Keynote Presentation

Introduction - Larissa Crawford, Future Ancestors Services
Play Video

Introduction - Larissa Crawford, Future Ancestors Services

Future Ancestors Services: A Witnessed Sharing Circle With Afro-Indigenous Advocates
Play Video

Future Ancestors Services: A Witnessed Sharing Circle With Afro-Indigenous Advocates

How to be an ally to Indigenous Peoples in Canada | CBC Kids News
Play Video

How to be an ally to Indigenous Peoples in Canada | CBC Kids News

Finally, here are some examples of my speaking services in action:

This page isn't very print-friendly, is it? Below you can access convenient PDFs of my clients and speaking services through the Talent Bureau.